im going to put Central Heating in my home.
where i live we only have Electric.
so we have storage heaters waste of time and cost a bomb
time to change it but whats best oil or lpg. i know if i have lpg they rent you the tank but if you get a cheaper supplier and want to change you will have to change tanks and be charged for it. but with oil you get your own tank so no tank change charges.
i also have a big demand for hot water IE 2 baths 3 showers 10 sinks
plus i will need 11 rads for the heating
can i use my hot water tank to feed hot water downstairs and ust my new combi to push hot water to the baths and showers upstairs?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire ! LPG is as dear as electric. and is complicated to install, go for oil, less trouble, and they now have boilers which are 102% efficient. I understand that they discharge water in a plastic tube down the drain as a result of their sheer efficiency, having burnt a hydrocarbon fuel.
LATER I have read the other comments and I completely disagree with all of them, I have been in CH for over 25 years fitting conventional oil systems, and I know I am correct.