My partner and I are looking to move out of our respective parents’ homes and move into a place of our own.

We are trying to budget for electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, council tax, etc. and would like to know how much you all pay each month, to give us a few ideas.

I understand that bills, tax, etc. depend on usage, area and the like but if we could just know your average monthly outgoings for the following, then this would help us a lot:

Council tax
Gas bill
Electricity bill
Water and sewage bill
Contents insurance
Food, groceries, etc.

Thank you in anticipation.

Council Tax – around £110 a month
Gas Bill – around £30 – £40 a month
Electricity Bill – around £20 a month
Water Bill – around £50 a month (unmetered)
Contents Insurance – around £20 a month
Food – around £260 a month
Phone – around £40 a month with Broadband

Obviously these differ a lot depending on usage as you said, when my daughter was born, the bills jumped up quite a lot from using the washing machine more for example.

The above is a rough estimate of what I expect you would pay for a 2 bedroom house.

You`ll also have mortgage payments or rent which is normally the biggest monthly bill you`ll pay.

Can be quite a shock when you move from your parents and start paying your own bills, when you realise how much it all adds up to!